Szechuan Star

Chinese Restaurant


Specialized In Szechuan, Hunan & Mandarin Cuisine
Luncheon Special-Dinner-Carry Out-Bar
Luncheon Combination Special

Served From: Mon - Fri

11:00am - 3:30pm

(Excluding Holidays)

We Deliver

Within 3 Miles

Minimum $15

Fuel Surcharge May Apply

No Personal Checks Accepted


Low Fat

Low Cholesterol

Low Sodium

Gluten Free Available


Our Story Begins 

It is the American Chinese cuisine concept restaurant  that serves the finest culinary delights original fusions from Szechuan, Hunan & Mandarin styles and many of today's dining specialties.

Since 1984, our efforts and diligence have brought significant changes from the day we first opened for business in Annandale. These changes could not have been achieved without our customer's loyal support. To this end, Szechuan Star continually embarks on culinary journeys in search of more fresher Asian flavors. 

Szechuan Star also offers catering services to serve a wider client base. These includes serving corporate functions, weddings and other memorable occasions. 


*ming yi shi wei xian,shi yi an wei xian